Attending an event with your dog? Below are tips on what to bring!

We know how great it is when we see an event that is dog friendly, I mean, why would you want to leave your pup at home?  So, you get super excited and are ready to go.  Make sure you have everything you need when you walk out that door!  What do we suggest?
  • Bring a collapsible dog travel bowl, preferably with a hook!  Hook that cute bowl on to your bag, rock that look you Dog mom!!!
  • Bring a bottle of water.  You never know when you will be taking a walk and need water for your pooch, always have some at hand.
  • Bring treats.  At times you will need your dog to focus on you and pay attention, BRIBE him or her with treats and everyone will be happy.
  • Don't forget your leash, you never know what others dogs manners are so always keep your pup on a leash.
  • Go out, have fun, snap some pics and enjoy the event with your pooch!
  • And if you are like Gia (pictured below), you NEVER leave home without your Snoopy bag, yes, her treats and lip gloss were in there.  LOL.
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Mandy & Beau