Barkery Spotlight - Spotted Dog Bakery

Looking for that special cake, cupcake or cookies for your Dog's Birthday or Gotcha Day

We will be featuring some of our favorite dog bakeries across the US so you can find that special treat for your furry loved ones' special day!  The first time I heard of Spotted Dog Bakery, I was listening to Wear Wag Repeats' Podcast episode "Creating a style-savvy Dog Bakery", of course, we love barkeries so immediately looked it up and fell in love.  We featured them on our spotlight of the month and are happy to share some pictures and more info on their products. 
Spotted Dog Bakery
When it was time to celebrate Beau Handsome's Gotcha Day, I immediately wanted to order a portrait cake for him as well as themed cookies that coordinated perfectly with our Pupstache Pawty Kit and Jen was great in brainstorming with me and come up with a combination of super cool sunglasses as well as mustache cookies with an argyle pattern that was perfect for our boy!
Sun glass and Mustache theme dog cookie

The Perfect Portrait Cake for your Dog!

This completely unique cake is a hand-painted likeness of your very own pup! Send them a reference photo and recreate their face as (doggie) edible art!  Shown here, our beloved Beau Handsome, 'cause isn't he sooooo Handsome?!
 Spotted Dog Bakery Portrait Cake
Gotcha Day Party Decoration
Gotcha Day Cake
  We couldn't complete this Pawty without his favorite peanut butter and banana flavored fro-yo from The Bear and the Rat!
Spotted Dog Bakery Portrait Cake
If you are looking to pair any of our Pawty boxes, they also have cakes that could coordinate perfectly...  If you are a Unicorn lover and looking for a Unicorn Dog Cake then this is for you!  Amongst some of our other favorites is this hand-painted watercolor masterpiece that will bring that magical something to your pup's party and the perfect addition to our Unicorn Pawty kit!
Unicorn Cake
Spotted Dog Bakery's Flower Crown cake topped with a ring of daisies made with yummy dog frosting is the perfect addition to our garden Shabby Chic Pawty kit. What are you waiting for to make your dog's Birthday or Gotcha Day the best party you have ever planned?  Trust us, the memories you will create will last forever, don't our dogs deserve to be celebrated?  
Shabby Chic Cake
Visit their website and social media  @spotteddogbakery for more ideas on cakes and cookies for your Dog's Birthday or Gotcha Day celebration and don't forget to tag us on your social media posts!  Pawty On!!!!
Mandy & Beau