Cupcakes or Cake? What to bring for your dogs Birthday or Gotcha day party!

Planning your dog's birthday party is fun! Confused as to whether get a cake or cupcakes? 

Many of our clients ask themselves, is there is a dog bakery near me?  What are my options?  Thankfully these days there are many alternatives to choose from, from a local Barkery (dog bakery specializing in dog treats, dog cookies and dog cakes) to ordering a premixed option to bake at home or making your own favorite recipe, you've got options friend! Puppy Cake offers a variety of options including their best selling Peanut Butter flavored dog birthday cake which comes complete with frosting so you can have a dog bakery at home!  
Puppy Cake Peanut Butter flavored Dog Birthday Cake
Another great premixed option to bake at home is Pooch Cake, from Banana to Pumpkin Spice and Birthday Cake Flavor Ice Cream Mix too, they offer a variety of fun options for you to choose from! Pooch Creamery is a grain-free powdered ice cream mix for your pup that contains just five ingredients including lactose-free whole milk and natural vanilla flavor!  Pooch Creamery mix is a healthy way to give your pooch a delicious ice cream treat that will have his tail wagging for more every time.
Pooch Creamery Dog Birthday Ice Cream
Here's some food for thought as well, there are some dogs that are totally cool with others eating from their cake, others can get territorial...  Yep, they are our kids but don't forget, these furry babies can still get a little aggressive when it comes to food so what do we suggest?  Order a personal cake for the Birthday Boy or Girl and have cupcakes or ice cream options available for their friends, this way, everyone will be happy and they can eat their cake too!
If you are making a favorite recipe at home, try to always choose a recipe with the fewest and healthiest ingredients and beware of products containing xylitol, we do not recommend feeding your pup store-bought human frosting either, please read the ingredients of anything you are serving your pooch and keep your recipes clean.  You can always use fresh fruits or veggies as a fun topper like the image shown above.  This pawty client used baby carrots because their dog is carrot obsessed but you can use green beans, spinach, blueberries, raspberries, watermelon or any other dog safe and super healthy fruits or veggies of your choice!
So remember, have fun planning your dog's next birthday or gotcha day party, order your dog birthday party supplies from us to make your planning process a breeze and tag us on your pictures!  See you on Social Media.
Mandy & Beau