Cupcakes or Cake? What to bring for your dogs Birthday or Gotcha day party!

Planning your dog's birthday party?  Confused whether to get a cake or cupcakes?  Here's some food for thought, there are some dogs that are totally cool with others eating from their cake, others can get territorial.  Yep, they are our kids but don't forget, these furry babies can still get a little aggressive when it comes to food so what do we suggest?
Whether you buy it from your favorite Barkery or get a pre mix like Puppy cake or Pooch cake, definitely get a cake for your fur baby and cupcakes for his or her friends, this way everyone can have their cake and eat it too.  Leave the drama for yo' mama!  Have fun planning your dog's next birthday or gotcha day party and don't forget to order your dog birthday party decor kit from Pawty in a Box!  See you on Social Media.
Mandy & Beau