Dog Birthday Party Tips 101

So you want to throw your dog a birthday party?  Don't think you are crazy, trust us, there are many of you out there LOL!  Where to start:

  • Pick a place!  Whether it be at your home or at a dog park, make sure there is an area where pups can run free and have fun!
  • Make a list of your dog friends (of course) but if it's the first time celebrating your dogs birthday, keep it small, manageable, don't overwhelm yourself!
  • Pick a theme, whatever that may be, have fun with it, whether a Disco theme or your favorite color, just have fun planning your dogs birthday party, it's not rocket science!
  • Order goodies!  Whether from your local Barkery, baker friend or even your favorite dog cake mix, make sure you have cake for your fur friends, cookies and cupcakes (lot's of dogs don't like to share). 
  • Prepare for the big day!  Go check out the venue beforehand, make sure there are water stations (if not bring extra water bowls), shaded areas for hoomans and pups and most importantly an area to set up your Barkday decor! 

Day of:

  • Relax, do what you gotta do, grab your Pawty Box, balloons, cake and any other items needed for the big day.
  • Set up the area chosen with a few friends, don't forget to have fun, this is why you are here!
  • CELEBRATE!!!!  After all, you are celebrating that furry soul that loves you unconditionally.  Trust us, after celebrating their first year, you won't regret it and you will look back through the years at the pictures and cherish these moments forever!
  • Don't forget to tag us on social media @pawtyinabox on all of your celebrations, we love to see how everyone is celebrating their fur kids!   #realpawty #pawtyinabox


Pawty on,

Mandy & Beau

*Shown here Lupita Fernanda's Real Pawty!