Top 5 Dog Party Favor and Centerpiece Ideas!

As a dog mom, I get it...  We can get competitive while planning our dogs' party, I mean, it HAS to look amazing, after all, that's how I started with my business and we are creating long-lasting, beautiful memories for years to come so don't hold back, have fun and get creative! 

We put together a list of our top 5 creative and fun dog party favor and centerpiece ideas for your dogs' big day!

1.  Ok, ok, this doesn't count as a favor but it is a show stopper!  Our friends at Bow Wow Dog Bakery created this gorgeous centerpiece made with a tiered cupcake display, cute cupcake liners and pink tennis balls, I mean...  We all need this at least once in our life!  Think out of the box, you can even get creative and mix this idea up by using mini kongs or color-coordinated squeaky toys, play around with your theme, use what you have, run with it Pawty Planner!

Dog Party Centerpiece with pink tennis balls

2.  We are definitely all about themed cookies for your dog!  There are amazing dog "barkeries" all across the US, give them a call and ask them to customize your cookies to the theme you have chosen, even if you don't have a theme, you can just choose a color palette that matches the party hats, the cake, what you are wearing, the possibilities are endless.  You can easily customize one of our Pawty boxes with custom cookies, it's so much fun!  Think about adding your dog's name to cookies as well for an extra personal touch. 

Summer theme dog cookies

3.  Another great favor, (while thinking about humans that attend your dog birthday party) are cupcakes for people, lol, I know it sounds funny but, trust me, sometimes we get so involved getting everything ready for our dogs' guests that we forget about the people that bring them.  Add some yummy to-go cupcakes within theme for them too!  These will definitely not go unnoticed.  Side note:  Make sure to label what is for humans and what is for dogs, all of these look so good, sometimes people get confused and eat the wrong thing.  It does make a funny story though... 

Disco theme dog cupcake

4.  When you are setting up your table, it is a blank canvas, as mentioned above, use stuff you find at home and see what you come up with.  I do highly recommend you do a trial run at home days before so you can play around with different baskets, trays, containers, cups, whatever you have...  Don't be afraid to throw in some flowers or succulents, whatever floats your boat!  PLAY, PLAY, PLAY!  Put together a combination of dog treats, water for everyone and yes, snacks for humans. 

Disco Theme Dog Party Decoration

5.  Last but not least, a themed cake!  We love this Unicorn themed dog birthday cake that matches our Unicorn Pawty, our Pawty kits also come with these beautiful flowers you can gift to your pups lady friends or actually (drum roll please) Dog Moms, Puppy Baby Mamas, Fur Baby Mamas -  feel free to use them as a headpiece or even a corsage, they look fabulous!  Make sure to place your cake on a beautiful cake stand and make a gorgeous statement out of it!

Unicorn Theme Dog Cake

Keep tagging us on your Pawty pics @pawtyinabox and follow our blog for more ideas on how to make that special day a prettier and more stylish one!


Mandy & Beau Handsome