A Dog Birthday Party fit for a Unicorn Princess!

Many pups don’t have the best start in life, but some are eventually lucky enough to find a forever home that gives them the TLC they should've always had. This super cute puppy baby, Mykaela, was rescued from a puppy mill when she was 8 weeks old with pneumonia, she had to go every day to the vet for nebulizations and they thought she would not survive, needless to say, she had a very rough start to her life. She found a loving home with her rock star mom who nursed her back to health with all the love in the world and recently celebrated her 3rd birthday fabulously with a Unicorn Dog Party fit for a princess! As soon as her mom decided to throw her this awesome Unicorn themed dog birthday, she contacted us to help her put the decor and other elements together. Planning any party can be stressful, let alone a dog party but we offer Pawty boxes that can be customized with personalized touches by bringing in your favorite Barkery and making each celebration unique, tailored to suit any of your pups needs. Dog party supplies is our specialty!
Westie saved from Puppy Mill
Mykaela and several of her furry friends celebrated her dog party in style with our Unicorn Pawty box as well as additional themed decor added by her mom to set the tone of her celebration. The decorations ensured that the venue, Doggies Gone Wild looked perfect, with vibrant pops of color to match the decor. Every doggie made an effort to look their best and got dressed up with our bow ties, flowers and unicorn party hats included in our boxes to suit the magical theme!
Unicorn Theme Dog Party
The guests enjoyed a beautiful Instagram-worthy Unicorn dog cake from The Waggin Barkery, along with yummy ‘pup cakes’ wrapped in our pink/purple marble cupcake wrappers and Unicorn themed and monogrammed treats made especially for them.  Our treat containers and doggie bags were also filled with amazing party favors for the pups to take home along with our unicorn themed placemats included in our party kits of 8, perfect mats to place under their food or water bowls! 
Unicorn Dog Party Supplies
Unicorn Dog Lover
Your dog is one of the family, and celebrating their birthday can give you memories to cherish with them forever. If you want a unicorn party like Mykaela, get in touch with us!  As you can see, everyone had a great time, all the pups were smiling away and thankful to have the best parents ever!!!
Unicorn Dog Party