Pawty Planning Checklist!

Planning your Dog's birthday and don't even know where to start? 

Planning any event can be hectic and now planning your Dog's birthday party might sound like a crazy idea but trust us, YOU got this!   Whether it's your first time planning a small gathering at home or joining forces with their doggie daycare to host their big day, we've got the planning list for you!  Let's start from the beginning...

Are you planning a small shindig at home because it's your first time?  Great, you don't need to over complicate yourself at all.  If you are into baking (I suck at it lol) you can either look for your favorite recipe on Pinterest or choose to purchase one.  There are many simple boxed options for people like me that don't bake, if you are that person as well then you can purchase a yummy boxed item like The Lazy Dog Cookie Co. do it yourself, at home, dog birthday cake mix, it even comes with fun sprinkles to decorate your cake!    You can make or purchase an item like this, pair it up with one of our Barkday or Gotcha Day bandanas, decorate with whatever items you find at home, take some pictures and voila!  You have yourself the first celebration for your pups special day!  Now, on to our checklist!

Dog Birthday Cake


As you can see below, you need to start prepping!  Pick your venue, wherever you host your dog's birthday party, make sure it suits your needs as well as your guest's needs.  One month out, you definitely want to choose the theme you want to go with for your dog's party!  If you want to go all out, definitely order one of our Pawty boxes, these come with invitations that you can send via snail mail or we can send you the digital invitation for you to post on your social media or text to your friends.  You must create a guest list, remember to make sure when planning and inviting guests to a dog party that the dogs are socialized and can play well with others, this is very important, I mean, we all need to keep an eye out on our kids, right?!  You may either choose to bake a dog cake at home or purchase one already, there are many awesome Dog "Barkeries" across the Nation, if this is your choice, pick your favorite and order your cake and cookies ahead of time.  Research games to keep dogs entertained, we will be writing a blog post on this soon so stay tuned for more details on this fun subject! 


Dog Birthday Party Checklist

At the 2 week mark, you definitely want to be prepared, continue searching for ideas on how to customize whatever theme you choose, just remember, you can even customize any theme by adding in a themed cake or themed cookies.  Put together a shopping list of supplies you need for their special day and don't forget to put a list together of snacks for humans too, people eat and drink at these parties as well, lol!  Make sure you delegate and ask your family and friends for help the day of, you will definitely need extra hands helping out.

Dog Birthday Party Planning Checklist

 One week away from your party, make sure you are organized, get all of your lists together and work on any special projects or crafts you have going on.  I most definitely always put signage to identify human food vs dog food, yes, nowadays dog cupcakes and cookies look so good, you don't want people eating them by mistake, it has happened!  Definitely a funny story to tell.  Start putting together your doggie bags and know what you are sending your dog's guests home with.  While at home, put together a "mock" table so you can see if you can add any extra decorations to make your dogs tablescape look absolutely perfect!



Dog party planning checklist


The day of the party, pick up or make those cakes, cupcakes and cookies so they are nice and fresh.  Have your water stations ready, plenty of bowls in strategic places across your venue are always great to have, keep your dog's friends hydrated!  Your secret ingredient to this special day is always do EVERYTHING with love, decorate with love, receive everyone with love, you are creating a beautiful day celebrating your pooch so, create those memories, take lots of pictures and have a Pawesome time!  Click HERE to download our official planning list!


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