Why celebrate your dog's Birthday or Gotcha Day?

The answer is, why not?  This special day was either the day your dog was born or the day he/she was adopted so indeed it is a day to celebrate!

Think about it, every single time you walk into your house, who is there to greet you with love and kisses?  Your dog!  Because of this they deserve to be celebrated like we celebrate humans too, trust us, you won't regret it!  Celebrating your dog's birthday will just bring loved ones together, hopefully with other family members or furry friends, adopted or not with the final destination of celebration, at the end of the day, everyone deserves to be loved! 

So go ahead, plan that Birthday or Gotcha Day celebration for your dog, you will have lots of fun planning it, especially with our Pawty boxes, plus you will create memories that will last a lifetime!  Check out our website for more ideas at www.pawtybox.com and stay tuned for more blog posts with pawty tips and loads of fun info for your dog's special day!  

Dog Birthday Party

Pawty on,

Mandy & Beau

Shown here Beau Handsome's Real Pawty!