Barkery Spotlight - Bow Wow Dog Bakery

Looking for that special cake, gourmet dog treats, or pupcakes for your Dog's Barkday or Gotcha Day?  We will be featuring some of our favorite dog bakeries on our page so you can find that special treat for your pups celebration! I am so excited to share our friends from Bow Wow Dog Bakery with all of you!!!

Dog Cake Bakery & More...

Owner of Bow Wow Beauty Shoppe and Logo
I first met Leel Michele when we were both featured on Pets+ Magazine and her store was selected as "America's Coolest Pet Store" in 2018 and she also made the cover of the magazine!  I was so blown away by her awesome 50's retro vibe, her aesthetic and her brand.  There is a reason why she's got an award winning Pet Boutique, Dog Bakery, and onsite show quality Dog Grooming services, a one stop shop for sure and of our favorites!
 Pink Donut Dog Cake and Dog Cream Puff
They offer a delicious variety of treats for your Dog's Birthday, Gotcha day or any day celebration for your pooch!  From tasty dog birthday cakes in coconut or peanut butter flavor to Pawty Puffs....yes, it is a thing... Why should hoomans have all the fun? Their Pawty Puffs are baked with their cake and cupcake recipes which means they are grain free too!

Donut Dog Treats?

Ohhhh yes, they have them too, they offer variety packs in 3 different colors and you can mix and match these and use on your dog's Barkday display or even send home in doggie bags for your pups friends, we are sure they will love them!  They also offer peanut butter dog cupcakes in a variety of colors, always make sure to order in advance. 

 Donut Dog Treats and Dog Cupcake

We are truly just absolutely swooning over these gorgeous sprinkle cake boxes, aren't they super cute?!  Yes, your dog's cake will arrive in that beauty, you can use it for display too so don't be afraid to get creative when decorating your Dog's Party! I love their creativity and checking out their different treats like this Ice Cream shaped dog treat, just stunning!  We cannot wait to launch our Donut theme so we can style everything with these beautiful baked goods for dogs!

Dog Cake Bakery Box in Pink and Dog Treat
Bone Cake is offered in blue or pink with a coconut or peanut butter flavor.
Blue Dog Birthday Cake
And last but not least, we absolutely loved this idea...  Everyone is always looking for creative ways to set up their dogs party, how's this for an awesome Dog Birthday Party centerpiece?!  We can't wait to try this out too, I love this!
Dog Birthday Party Centerpiece
So if you are looking for a gourmet pet bakery, visit Bow Wow Dog Bakery to order your pups goodies for their special day!  Pawty on!
Mandy & Beau