Wholesale Terms & Conditions

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Ordering Information
• Minimum Order of 4 Pawty boxes required (2 of each style Large or Mini)
• Orders cannot be canceled once shipped.
• There will be a $20 restock fee if shipment is refused + shipping & handling charges
• Once order is placed, any additional items ordered will be processed as separate order
• Re-ordering minimum of 3 boxes per order. Price & product availability are subject to change w/o notice. Out of stock items will not be back ordered, please re-order.
Online Account & Payment Instructions
• Please create an account online at www.pawtybox.com • Once approved and ready for checkout you will be able to enter cc info.
• A $30 fee will be charged for any returned checks
• Orders placed after noon EST will be processed on following business day
• Items will be shipped out between 2-5 days (unless otherwise noted)
Shipping Information
• We ship via UPS & USPS
• Please account for shipping time when calculating delivery date to your store.
• Weekends & Holidays are not regular shipping days.
• Shipment pricing is determined by UPS & USPS software based on size, weight, quantity & shipment distance.
• Once order has shipped, you will receive an invoice from us & tracking info from UPS.
Product Information
• Each Pawty Kit contains items for a party of 4 (Mini) or 8 (Large) dogs.
Each Mini box includes 7 items for a party of 4 dogs: (4) invitations, (4) hats, (4) cupcake wrappers, (4) treat boxes, (2) bow ties, (2) flowers & (4) mini bowls.
• Each Large box includes 10 items for a party of 8 dogs: (8) invitations, (8) hats, (8) placemats, (8) cupcake wrappers, (8) treat bags, (8) treat boxes, (4) bow ties, (4) flowers, (8) mini bowls & (1) party banner.
• All items are made of high quality paper.
• All items are made in Miami, FL, USA.
• All damages should be reported within 48 hours of receipt
• We will assess immediate replacement of items or credit on a case by case basis.
• When reporting a damaged item, please send email to pawty@pawtybox.com with images of damaged product, please send no less than 5 images. In email please also include: item number, amount of product damaged and detailed information of damages.
• If shipping box is damaged, please note damage with driver and communicate to UPS directly to submit a claim for reimbursement.
• Pawty in a Box is not accountable for shipping costs or damages due to unavailable customers/packages left at door per customer request. Pawty in a Box is a registered trademark. Original content & logos cannot be reproduced without permission from Pawty in a Box. NO E-Bay or Amazon Sales.